EU Project Management/ Completion Stage

13 Sep 2018

EU Project Management/ Completion Stage

The small projects, implemented within the “STRONG CSOs” project Small Grants Schemes are approaching the finish line in few days.

For that purpose, the “STRONG CSOs” project team organised and implemented yet another training/info session on “EU Project Management/ Completion Stage” for the sub-granted projects’ representatives. The meeting took place on 11 September 2018.

The aim of this info session was to discuss the closure of the small projects and to present the nuances of competing and submitting the final reports.

The “STRONG CSOs” project’s Grants Senior Specialist Bartosz Sokół, Grants Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists Sergey Melik-Yolchyan and Hermine Gabrielyan presented the rules of completion of the narrative and financial parts of the final report. In addition, the project Communications Specialist Adriana Gurjinyan addressed the guidelines of Communication and Visibility in EU-funded external actions and presented the importance of fulfilling the mandatory requirements.

We were happy to meet our sub-grantees in one place again and we hope to see the positive change brought by our sub-granted projects in the nearest future.