You can find below research studies on civil society, as well as other relevant documentation published within the framework of “STRONG CSOs for Stronger Armenia” project or other local/international organisations.

Capacity Building Needs Assessment of Civil Society Organisations in Armenia, 2016


BecomingSMARTer-GettingSTRONGer /Practical toolkit for CSOs/

becomingSMARTer-gettingSTRONGer_toolkit for CSOs.pdf

Registration and operation of CSOs in Armenia according to the new Law on NGOs of RA (only in Armenian)

CSOs Registration and Operation.pdf

Guidance on the Best Standards and Best Practice of Volunteering, 2017 (only in Armenian)


Report on Armenian CSOs’ Professional Needs Assessment, 2017


Report on Armenian CSOs’ Professional Needs Assessment/ Summary of Conclusions, 2017 (only in Armenian)


The 2016 CSO Sustainability Index for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2017


Everything civil society organisations need to know about the entrepreneurship, 2017 (only in Armenian)


Analysis of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystem in Armenia, 2017


Law on Non-Governmental Organisations of RA, 2016 (only in Armenian)

Law_on_ NGOs_of_RA.pdf

"Eastern Partnership – focusing on key priorities and deliverables", 2016

EaP_20 key deliverables for 2020_EN.pdf

Yevgenya Jenny Paturyan and Valentina Gevorgyan, Civic Activism as a Novel Component of Armenian Civil Society, 2016