Improve the Quality of Services Provided by the Libraries

31 Jan 2018

Project Title: Improve the quality of services provided by the libraries
Lead Applicant: ''Goris Development Centre'' NGO
Co-Applicant: ''New Horizons'' NGO
Co-Applicant: Women’s Development “Resource Centre” Foundation

Aim of the project

Improve the quality of services provided by the Local Self-Government Bodies (LSBs) in 5 consolidated communities of Syunik region through the public participation and use of Information Technology (IT) opportunities.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Target groups:

  1. 20 youth activist groups, 10 young people in each of them, in total 200 persons 
  2. 30 educational institutions: Goris State University, 2 colleges, 27 schools
  3. 5 LSBs: 5 heads of communities, 55 members of City Council, 25 specialists of library staff, Governor’s office of Syunik marz, Governor (marzpet), Deputy on LSBs, Deputy on Education.


  • 5500 Pupils 
  • 450 Students
  • 500 Teachers 
  • 2000 specialists
  • 75 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • 2500 women
  • 800 people with disabilities (PwD).

Main activities

  • Mobilization and capacity building of young people and other stakeholders.
  • Trainings with youth active groups.
  • Introduction of "interactive e-library" model in 5 consolidated communities of Syunik region.
  • Web portal development through active group, which will use the model.
  • Public awareness events about the new library service to ensure communication between community and library.
  • Media, social media publications to activate and inform the citizens about the use and the services provided by LSBs.
  • Trainings for library staff, different workshops.
  • Book donation campaigns in communities and in online platform.
  • Collaboration policies between libraries using IT capabilities.

Expected outcome and positive change brought by the project

  • Allow community members to access the new library service.
  • Interactive e-library model investment, including community members.
  • Increase in the contribution of LSBs to the library management system.
  • Changing the role of libraries: They become now unique information centres.