Youth for Transparent Democratic Governance and Regional Civil Society Progress

31 Jan 2018

Project Title: "Youth for Transparent Democratic Governance and Regional Civil Society Progress"
Lead Applicant: Journalists’ Club "Asparez" NGO
Co-Applicant: "Progress" Youth NGO

Aim of the project
Capacity building of regional youth through strengthening their operational skills, recruitment of regional civic journalists to have stronger advocacy of public needs and increase public awareness on regional civil society life.

Target groups and beneficiaries

  1. Target groups of this project are:
  2. Lead Applicant JCA’s Civic Youth Centres’ (CYC) active beneficiaries. These CYCs were established in all 10 regional centres of Armenia 2-3 years ago and had more than 220 regional activists.
  3. Lead Applicant JCA and Co-applicant “Progress” Youth NGO involved staffs; approximately 30 people.
  4. Regional active youth groups and regional NGOs working for youth and Mass media, interested to be trained and skilled in NGO legislation, advocacy, management, fundraising, freedom of information and participatory local self-governance; at least 400 people.
  5. Active youth interested to be trained and skilled in civic/citizen journalism and to be reporters of this project’s media outlets - 30 people.

This project has been designed especially for development and operational capacity building of these target groups to provide their beneficiaries with better services.

During the implementation of the project the beneficiaries will be involved on the basis of non-discrimination. Discriminations toward national and religious minorities will be excluded; necessary efforts will be put to engage people with disabilities. Gender equality and equal opportunities will be promoted. At least 35% of beneficiaries in all the events will be representatives of the other gender.

Main activities
For achieving specific objectives the following activities will be implemented:
Activity 1:

  • Ten trainings will be conducted for regional youth, NGOs working for youth and for JCA CYC representatives: Leadership needs assessment, teamwork, communication skills, NGO legislation, advocacy, management, and fundraising. 
  • Ten regional trainings on Law on Freedom of Information will be conducted for CYC youth, regional journalists and NGOs: right to know how to use the information access for advocacy, litigations. 
  • Ten regional trainings on Local Self-Government system, legislation and practice of relations with municipalities and councillors will be conducted for CYC youth, regional journalists, and NGOs: How to achieve transparent, accountable and participatory LSG, best experience presentation.

Activity 2:

  • Two rounds of 3-day trainings on civic-journalism education, using multimedia tools will be conducted for 30 young people, 3 people from each region: youth will be trained for creating, writing news, interviews, stories production about CSOs’ regional life, significant projects, success stories and best experiences, doing investigation and research. 
  • Public awareness campaign on the project and CSO regional life will be conducted with the trainees of civic journalism trainings. The relevant platforms will be Progress Youth NGO andJournalists’ Club "Asparez" NGO’s websites, special monthly magazine, and Facebook pages of grantees.

Activity 3:

  • JCA’s 10 Civic Youth Centres and “Progress” Youth NGO will provide support and services to local NGOs and active citizens in the regions: organization and facility provision for round table discussions, press conferences, conducting public opinion polls, processing documentations and advocacy cases, information requests, involvement in CSO local networks initiatives, etc. 
  • CYCs’ monitoring groups will conduct Local-Self Government transparency monitoring in 10 regional cities’ centres and report will be published on the 12th month of the project.

Expected outcome and positive change brought by the project
Result 1. The capacity/ skills/knowledge of the beneficiaries of regional CYCs on leadership, NGO legislation, needs assessment, teamwork, advocacy and civic journalism is developed.
Result 2.Wide dissemination of information on the project, implementing organisations, beneficiaries and organizations is ensured.
Result 3. Due to the joint efforts of organizations implementing the project and CYCs, regional NGOs and active youth are provided with office space, educational, organizational services, and advocacy actions are implemented in all regional centres.